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Equinox Energy was founded to provide custom solutions with the latest technology in electrical engineering.
We connect you with the best tech for your home, business or off-grid project.
At Equinox, we have no limitations, we build custom systems with the most beneficial  equipment and design for your site.


Casey Hansen


Having found a life passion for electricity and building, Casey has been installing PV solar projects full time for the past 10 years. Constantly staying on top of new technology as it comes out and continuously striving to stay a step ahead of the curve, Casey has built countless Unique/Groundbreaking  power systems ranging from small mobile off-grid, to any and all residential PV to commercial PV, to multi megawatt industrial/ utility scale projects, and with a specialized focus in Energy Storage of any and all scales. He consistently strives to stay practical yet open minded, and remain as flexible as possible to create a unique, fluid, and secure client experience in a changing industry/ time. 


Janie Hofmeister


Found her passion for solar energy and helping home and business owners adopt renewable energy systems early on in her freshmen year of college. Now a 10 year industry vet, who has been instrumental in business development, sales and marketing for numerous solar companies ranging from solar start-ups to nation's largest companies. Janie is an expert in the  full spectrum of energy data analysis and is our most experienced consultant advising building owners on how to maximize their return on investment of their renewable energy systems.




Tor Stark

Master Electrician

A trusted name in the Santa Cruz County Electrical Construction Scene for over 20 years, Tor Stark has a reputation for quality and an extensive list of satisfied past clients throughout Santa Cruz County. He plays a major Role in what forms our bridge between a changing new age green industry, and the rock solid foundation of an established local electrical contractor. With  experience like Tor’s behind our client’s back, we can all rest easy knowing the job is powered on safely, built right, the first time, every time.

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